Global Impact Program For The Service-Minded Traveler


There is a growing culture now for millennials who have a desire to travel the world. Through social media posts and widely shared video content throughout a variety of platforms, millennials are inspiring their peers to want to experience some of the cultural differences and fun activities that traveling to a different country has to offer.

Many millennials love the thought of going out into the world and trying new foods, learning new languages, and visiting cultural sites with extremely rich histories. People who aren’t extremely culturally aware or interested in global experiences are being inspired to travel in order to fill their Instagram feed with exotic pictures or try a speciality food that you can only get in a specific country.

And while there are a ton of trips and travel opportunities that are focused on the more superficial side to traveling, such as partying, eating, and taking pictures, there is also a growing number of organized trip types that aim to engage the globally conscious traveler. Journey is a travel business that offers domestic and international opportunities for travel.

They target the “purposeful traveler”- someone with a desire to travel who also hopes to make a positive impact anywhere that they go.

Journey combines traditional travel experiences with different community service opportunities for the people who choose to travel through the program. This immersive program allows participants to contribute to school and home building, working on maintaining skate parks and increasing women and education initiatives.

This past year, Journey has helped with disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and building schools and homes in Colombia and Nicaragua.


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