Grab a Bike and Explore These Cities


When visiting a new city (or re-visiting an old favorite), you want to take in as much as you can. That often means going from north to south and making various stops along the way. If you ask us, the best way to do that is by grabbing a bicycle and cycling your way through. Here are our top places to explore. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danes take their cycling seriously, especially in Copenhagen. Cycling culture is deeply ingrained in the city, and it’s no surprise that it is viewed as a primary mode of transport. Bikes are a brilliant way to see the colorful harbor of Nyhavn, visit the iconic Little Mermaid statue, and explore Tivoli Gardens.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s capital may not be the most renowned cycling city, but tourists can expect a unique bicycle experience. Tokyo has been working on expanding its cycling infrastructure, enabling visitors to explore traditional neighborhoods like Asakusa, venture through serene parks, and feel the energy of districts like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Flat terrain, dedicated bicycle lanes, and a promenade that stretches for miles makes Tel Aviv an ideal city to pedal through. Cycle down tree-lined streets like Rothschild Boulevard, explore the bustle of Dizengoff Street, and appreciate the scenic Mediterranean Sea while you ride to Jaffa.


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