Guy Fieri Is Bringing His Restaurants To South Africa


Today, Guy Fieri has restaurants all over the US. But that’s not enough for him, he wants to take his brand abroad. So he has decided to open a new restaurant in South Africa.

The place is inspired to the Ny restaurant. It also has the same dishes, including the Dragon Chili Cheese Fries, the Grilled Margarita Tuna, and the Motley Que Ribs. The American culinary rockstar is bringing an American-Italian menu. The idea is to open a place where you can eat good dishes and enjoy the family vibe.

On top of that, the restaurant will also serve some South African dishes such as: “peri-peri wings and grilled springbok loin.”The restaurant is almost ready and should open very soon. If you don’t really know Guy Ferry, he is an American restaurateur who co-owns 3 restaurants in California and licensed his name to restaurants in New York City, Nevada and Las Vegas.

Also, he is known for his TV show on food. We are really curious to find out how his new restaurant will be and what people will have to say about it!


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