Head to These Countries for the Best Vegan Cuisine


Traveling is something many people feel drawn to throughout their lives. Numerous incredible aspects of traveling attract people, including the opportunity to see some amazing sights and learn about other cultures and communities. A huge pull factor for many people is also being able to try delicious food and expand your culinary horizons. But for vegans, this side of things can be less exciting, as there are so many places around the world where it’s hard to find tasty, satisfying vegan meals. However, there are plenty of other places across the globe with cuisines that are ideal for veganism. Here are some of the best. 


When you think of curry, you may well imagine a chicken tikka or lamb rogan josh. While these are delicious, they are not fully representative of a lot of traditional Indian cuisine, in which vegetables and pulses are often favored over meat and dairy, meaning there are loads of incredible plant-based meals to enjoy. 


In general, Middle Eastern cuisine is great for vegans and Greek food is no exception. While there are dishes that use a lot of meat and dairy, there are plenty that don’t, including fresh salads, tasty dips, moreish falafels, and hearty stews. 


Dairy products are not traditionally used in Thai cooking so it can be easy to find hearty vegan meals without too much stress. In curries, soups, and salads, tofu can often be requested instead of meat for some tasty protein. The main area to look out for is products such as fish sauce being used in meals.


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