Here are Some of the Best Beaches in Scotland


Scotland is an incredible country. Sat at the top of the United Kingdom, it has a unique range of fascinating cities and stunning countryside. When thinking of Scotland’s natural beauty, the wild and rugged highlands often come to mind. However, the coast of Scotland is one of its strongest features and you can find the most beautiful and untamed beaches all along it. Here are just a few of the best on offer. 

Clachtoll Beach

This glorious beach features white sand and crystal clear water so is the perfect picture for a pretty beach. However, what makes it stand out even more is being surrounded by rugged cliffs and headlands and having views of mountains all around. 

Yellowcraig Beach

A lovely cove lined with luscious trees and with views out to nearby islands, this beach is the perfect place to spend the day. If you fancy a change of scene, then the woods are the ideal place to explore.

Gruinard Bay 

This incredible stretch of coast in the west of Scotland offers some fascinating and beautiful sights. There are some wonderful and rare geological features, which result in some pink beaches, as well as views of lovely mountains and rock formations. 


Hannah F
Hannah F
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