Here are Some of the Best Long-Distance Bike Rides in Europe


There are many options for how you spend your vacation. Some people love to sit back and relax with a book, while others may prefer to explore some local cultural and historical sites. However, there are many people who love to push themselves to the limit when they travel, and if this sounds like you then the idea of a long-distance bike ride may be your idea of the perfect trip. Europe is an excellent continent for cycling, and here are three incredible long-distance bike routes to consider. 

Tour de Mont Blanc

The Alps are considered by many to be one of the most beautiful areas in the world. If you love huge snow-capped mountains, luscious meadows and forests, and idyllic towns and villages, then traveling through some of the best parts of the Alps on a bike may be perfect. This route starts at Chamonix in France and takes you through France, Switzerland, and Italy. 

Trans Dinarica Trail

This route is a whopping 1242 miles long and passes through all eight countries of the West Balkans starting in Slovenia. It will take you through some breathtaking areas, including the coast of Croatia and Albania, the national parks of Kosovo, and the stunning mountains of Macedonia. 

Great North Trail

Starting in the Peak District in England, this UK route takes you on a tour of the north of England and Scotland until it reaches John O’Groats, the most northerly point of mainland Scotland. As well as passing by some fascinating cities, you’ll also see the best wild landscapes that the UK has to offer. 


Hannah F
Hannah F
Hannah loves traveling and having new experiences. She is happiest when enjoying the wonderful outdoors and walking in nature, but also loves a cosy night in with a book or film.
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