Here Are The Liquids You Can Carry When You Travel


More than 10 years ago, new rules on liquids at the airport have been introduced.Until today, it’s not clear what liquids you can carry and what you cannot in your hand luggage. So we want to help you out to stop making mistakes!

All drinks are forbidden including water. So avoid getting to security with a new water bottle, it is just a waste! If you want carry an empty one and ask to fill it in after the security check.

Same thing for liquid or semi-liquid foods such as jam, honey, soup. Cosmetic and toiletries can be brought in a very small quantity, so check the liters before packing them.

Sprays are forbidden, so forget your shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants. Same goes for toothpaste, and hair gel. Watch out because contact lens solution is also forbidden!

Usually, liquids can’t be more than 100ml and sometimes even less and they have to be sealed in a plastic bag. On the contrary, if you purchase alcohol, perfume or liquids at the airport duty-free stores, they are allowed in your carry-on luggage, even if over 100ml.


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