Here is How Rwanda is Attempting to Have Their Capital be the Singapore of Africa


Rwanda is a nation that is famous for its rolling hills which are home to endangered mountain gorillas. They are now trying to become known for their capital Kigali which they are trying to turn into a global city, such as that of Singapore in Southeast Asia.

This is a country which is tiny and landlocked. They have clean streets in this city, strong anti-corruption policies, as well as a technology and creative scene that is blossoming. They have seen steady economic growth in recent years and their capital is working towards their goal of being Africa’s version of Singapore.

There are more than one million people living in the city and this is expected to triple by the year 2030. It was in 2013 that the city put a plan in place to transform the infrastructure and skyline. They have been growing their presence international by getting more tourists and conference.

They want to be a modern city that is environmentally friendly. A lot of their developments have been welcomed, but there has been some controversy regarding the city’s plan to relocate certain slums.

These residents are being moved to locations on the outskirts of the city into new developments. For example, in the Bannyahe slum, there are about 1,000 families being moved out and relocated as their homes are set to be paved over by developers in 2019.

This is certainly going to be an interesting case study to watch as it develops as they continue to strive towards their overall goals.


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