Here’s How to Get Your Water Past Airport Security


Sometimes it is really annoying: You get to the airport with your water bottle and then you have to throw it away at security only to buy a more expensive one inside the airport a few minutes after. There are some tricks however, which can allow you to bring the water with you avoiding a waste of money on an overpriced airport water bottle. First option: Freeze the bottle. If it is frozen, it will pass the security check. In this case, the water has to be solid frozen. So, because lines can take a long time at the airport, bring with you ice packs. Otherwise if the liquid will be partially slushy or melted, it will be confiscated. The idea is to let through only frozen solid things that can be analyzed in the screening.

If that doesn’t work, you can always bring an empty water bottle and refill it at a coffee place or at a water fountain inside the airport. That will always be the easiest and cheapest method to use.  From now on, spending ridiculous amounts of money on water at the airport won’t be an issue anymore. This tip is incredibly valuable for numerous families or simply parents with kids! For you and your frozen bottle, have a safe flight!


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