Here’s How to Style Your Wavy Hair on Vacation


When you’re going away on a trip, the last thing you want to think about is carting around a load of heavy hair products with you. However, if your hair is on the wavy or curly side, you may know from bitter experience that without the right range of products, your hair can become frizzy, unruly, and oh-so-hard to style. Check out these simple tips on styling your wavy or curly hair when you’re on vacation.

Get a Conditioning Treatment

It may be worth investing in an intensive conditioning treatment a week or two before you go on holiday. This way, your mane will be easier to manage when you’re away from home. Whether you book this in at a salon to get it done professionally or invest in a good quality hair mask to use at home, you should find your strands feel softer and healthier post-treatment.

Keep it Simple

Through a process of trial and error, you will need to find the two to three hero products that your hair really can’t do without. Unfortunately, because wavy and curly hair types are so unique, only you will know the answer as to what these products are! Whether you decide on a hair oil, mousse, and styling spray, or three entirely different products, limiting your hair styling products will keep things simpler and easier to carry when you’re on vacation.

Pack Some Silk Scrunchies

There’s no point in spending hours sorting your hair in the morning when you’re on vacation, only for all that hard work to come undone overnight. Pack a few silk scrunchies, so that you can pineapple your hair (essentially wrap it in a high bun or ponytail to protect it) overnight. This will keep your waves and curls looking fresh and reduce frizz.


Lily F
Lily F
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