Here’s How You Can Travel in Style Like the Late Zsa Zsa Gabor


As the woman who practically invented to term “famous for being famous”, Zsa Zsa Gabor was never camera-shy.

The Hungarian-born starlet who married at least nine times flitted from Turkey to the Dominican Republic to France throughout her lifetime, often on the arm of or in pursuit of a new man—and always in possession of her signature Louis Vuitton luggage.

“What is really important for a woman, you know, even more than being beautiful or intelligent, is to be entertaining,” she once said, according to Marie Claire.

Gabor died in her Los Angeles home recently, and the actress and socialite left her mark on the world of old Hollywood glamor.

She first came into the spotlight in 1936 when she won the title of Miss Hungary. Gabor and her sisters Eva and Magda would also go on to work in film, usually in so-called “B movies.” Throughout her lifetime she sang opera, made exercise videos, and competed in pageants, among many other occupations.

The fashionista traveled in the same style that she did most things: with a flair for excess. She was never one to travel light, whether by plane or by Mercedes. She rode horses in Paris with a Dominican playboy, jetted off to Madrid with other stars, and took piles of clothes and jewelry with her everywhere.

 “Gabor used the airport as her catwalk,” wrote British newspaper the Telegraph of her legacy.


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