Here’s How You’ll Survive Your Nightmare Plane Trip


Plane travel is getting easier every day. With budget airlines like Spirit, Easyjet and Norwegian, the world is getting cheaper and more feasible for many people.

Still, planes are somewhat slower to accommodate people in a more comfortable way. Especially on the budget lines, you might very well get that old “sardines in a can” feeling. While you’re stuck up in the sky struggling to enjoy the miracle of flight, we’ve got some ideas to keep you comfortable when you’ve got several hours ahead of you.

In addition to whiling away the hours, if you spend your time on a plane right, you might find that you walk off feeling less groggy and jetlagged, and just the slightest bit healthier, maybe even a bounce in that step as you drag your luggage down the terminal.

Hydrate Away

The most important thing on a long-haul flight is to keep drinking.

The prices of airport water bottles will shock you, but they can be worth the splurge in order to save on headaches and fatigue later on. Consider buying a reusable water bottle. Take it through security empty and fill at a fountain or safe sink once you are inside the airport. Planes have bathrooms, so don’t be afraid to overdo it on the water.

Vitamins and Minerals

Heres How Youll Survive Your Nightmare Plane Trip

Keeping fresh means making sure your body has the right vitamins and minerals. Think citrus and antioxidants when you are on a plane. Instead of a soda try a seltzer with extra lime, or bring some dried blueberries board.

Though you might be tempted to reach for the chocolate, think about how great you’ll feel on arrival if you don’t!

Full Body Workout

Once the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign and you are free to move about the cabin – do it.

Of course, think of your fellow passengers first as they’re stuck there just as you are, but consider getting up and out of your seat. Sitting for eight hours is not without its tolls. Tray a turn or two around the cabin or find an area in the back where you can do a few quick toe touches and arm stretches. Repeat one or two times over a seriously long flight!

Skin Rescue

You’ve got the time on a plane, you may as well use it! The altitude and air in a plane is going to sap your skin of all the moisture it’s got, but you can turn your plane time into a mini spa treatment and wind up looking, and feeling, even better than you did when you start.

Consider a paper mask or a clear clay mask that will moisturize and clear pores leaving your skin more hydrated than ever. Finish off with a good, rich skin cream, especially under and around the eyes to prevent bags and fatigue.

Snooze it or Lose it

Sleeping on a plane is hard for most people but you can do a few things to get some rest. Try packing your own earplugs and bringing an inflatable neck pillow to set the stage right.

If real sleep isn’t going to happen at least let your body relax with a pre-loaded calming playlist and some good fuzzy socks. Just taking some time to shut your eyes and let your mind wander can do wonders for your concentration and focus when you arrive.

Snack Attack

There’s what you want to eat and what you should eat. When you stop on a plane you probably get the urge to crack open a can of peanuts.

But if you want to end up in Myanmar without an aching stomach and terrible aftertaste, you need to think greener. Fill snack baggies with cut up fruits and veggies.

If you’re short on time buy dry fruits, humus, or whole fruit. Cutting out the carbs can help fight the bloating that often occurs on planes and sticking to water rich foods without salt will make sure you stay hydrated and alert when you walk off the plane.

Reading Hack

Keep your bag lighter by leaving the 500 page novel at home and instead, picking up a long-form magazine on your way on board.

Publications like The Atlantic, The Economist or a Newspaper make for easier lifting without sacrificing on the hard-hitting content. You’ll walk off even smarter than when you started!


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