Here’s Why Norway is an Unmissable Travel Destination


Norway is a country in Europe which is part of Scandinavia. It’s well known for its incredible natural landscape, as well as friendly and interesting people. If you’re looking for a place to head to for your next trip, then Norway may well be ideal. Here are some reasons why.

Some of the Most Breathtaking Scenery

When most people think of Norway, undoubtedly fjords, mountains, and forests come to mind. These images are well-founded, as Norway’s natural landscapes are some of the most impressive, and jaw-dropping in the world. You’ll be able to wander through luscious green woodlands and take in the crystal clear waters surrounding the ancient glaciers. Depending on the time of year, you may have the chance to witness the ethereal aurora across the night sky. 

A Fascinating and Unique Culture

As well as the unbelievable beauty of nature in this country, there is also an exciting history of the people there and the lives they lead. With a strong connection to Vikings and Norse mythology throughout history, many traditions are continued which will transport you to a different time period.

Exciting Activities to Try

As mentioned, this country is home to the most breathtaking landscapes as well as some hardy and interesting people. As such, there are endless opportunities to try activities that make the most of the stunning natural areas. For example, hiking, skiing, fishing, and enjoying the natural saunas. 


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