Here’s Why You Should Get Global Entry If You’re a Frequent Traveler


For frequent international travelers, navigating the often-lengthy customs and immigration queues can detract significantly from the overall travel experience. To streamline this process, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) created the Global Entry program. This service allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to expedite their entry into the United States. Here’s a look at the benefits of Global Entry.

Expedited Entry Into the United States

The primary benefit of Global Entry is that it provides expedited clearance upon arrival in the U.S. Members can bypass the traditional customs lines and proceed to Global Entry kiosks located at select airports. At these kiosks, travelers scan their passport or U.S. permanent resident card, undergo fingerprint verification, and complete a customs declaration. 

TSA PreCheck Eligibility

Global Entry membership automatically qualifies you for TSA PreCheck, another traveler program that expedites the domestic airport security process. With TSA PreCheck, you can go through security without having to remove shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and light jackets, which makes for a much quicker and more convenient process.

Access to Expedited Entry Benefits in Other Countries

Global Entry members can also enjoy expedited entry benefits in other countries through reciprocal agreements, including programs like SmartGate in Australia and EasyPass-RTP in Germany, enhancing convenience on international travel.


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