How Paris, France is Preparing for Olympic Tourist Season


The City of Lights is gearing up for a summer unlike any other. With the 2024 Olympic Games kicking off in July, Paris is preparing to welcome a surge of tourists alongside the athletes. Here’s a glimpse into how the city is getting ready for this exciting, yet challenging, tourist season.

Accommodating the Crowds

Paris is a perennial tourist destination, but the Olympics are expected to push its hospitality limits. The city is working on increasing accommodation options, with some areas around competition venues seeing a rise in Airbnb listings. For visitors on a budget, exploring nearby cities like Reims or Amiens might be a good strategy.

Navigating the City

Public transportation is a lifeline in Paris, and with the influx of visitors, authorities are prioritizing its smooth operation. While the metro will run as usual, some stations near event venues might have closures. Planning alternative routes and allowing extra travel time will be key.

Security in Focus

Safety is a top concern. Paris plans to deploy a significant security force, with additional measures like QR code entry for events and registration for visitors staying in Olympic zone residences.

Olympic Spirit

While the Games are the main event, Paris aims to offer a holistic Olympic experience. Expect cultural events, fan zones, and special programs alongside the competitions.


Alisa G
Alisa G
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