How to Avoid the Airport Rush


From rigorous security checks to sprinting to the gate so that you don’t miss your flight, the airport can be a center of stress ahead of your flight. Still, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how you can avoid the airport rush and allow yourself to focus on enjoying your vacation.

Arrive Early

If your airline tells you to arrive three hours early, make sure to arrive at the airport even earlier. The more time you allow yourself to proceed through the airport, the less stress you’ll be under if any hiccups or delays arrive.

Dress Appropriately

By wearing comfortable clothes and soft, supportive shoes, you’ll be able to put yourself at ease on a physical level. This will reduce your overall level of stress, thereby allowing you to better handle any issues that may arise.

Keep Distracted

If you’re traveling with any companions, make sure to engage in positive discussion to improve the atmosphere. Consider listening to music or a podcast you enjoy while you wait for your flight to make the wait a little more tolerable.


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