How To Start Running And Changing Your Routine


We all need initial motivation in ordet to embark on endurance and cardio exercises like running, even the best of us. How can we get that initial push to go out for a jog when we know we need to, but don’t feel like it? Well, you have to want it. If you don’t actually want it, then it will never happen. Running is awesome. It is good for your body and soul. It can strengthen your cardiovascular system and clear your mind at the same time. But how do you start running? How can you go jogging for the first time and last longer than 5 minutes? First of all, get a running pair of shoes.

Once you did that, start doing a routine twice a week to build your endurance. You can’t start running from nothing, you need to slowly get into that. Repeat the same running routine and take breaks every 5,10, and finally 15 minutes.

Once you are ready, do 30 minutes run and 30 minutes walk. Don’t forget to swing your arms back and front and keep your hands and head relaxed. Find your rhythm and balance it with your breath. Your goal is to maintain a steady pace.

Music can be a good idea to strengthen your motivation and endurance. Most importantly, give yourself a goal. If you set an achievement to pursue it will be easier to push your boundaries. Now that we gave you all the tips, you’re ready to start jogging. Music on, mind off. Enjoy!


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