How to Make Solo Travel as Fun as Possible


While it may sound daunting to some, traveling on your own can actually be quite fascinating and enjoyable when done in the right way. Here are some unspoken rules to help you make solo travel as fun as possible.

Don’t be Afraid to Eat Alone

Although dining alone at a restaurant may seem strange in your regular life, doing so while traveling is nothing to be ashamed of. It can also be empowering, allowing you to take in your environment and appreciate your surroundings.

Head to a Hostel

Even if you normally prefer traveling in style, staying at a hostel has numerous advantages over a luxury hotel. In addition to being more affordable, a hostel will allow you to meet other young, like-minded travelers and perhaps help you make lifelong friendships.

Sit at the Counter

If you’re heading on an overseas vacation and find yourself at a restaurant or bar, choose to sit at the counter. This approach will enable you to feel less awkward about dining or drinking alone and will give you an opportunity to meet new people. Of course, you may also get a chance to interact with the bartender, who may have recommendations about what to do around the city.


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