How to Order Dairy-Free Cafe Con Leche


Have you ever been to a latin fusion restaurant or cafe and seen an item on the menu called a “cafe con leche”? Well, this drink, which in Spanish directly translates to “coffee with milk” is similar to a latte.  In order to make this palette warming drink, you need to first brew the coffee, then steam milk, froth it with a special mixer, and then pour it into the cup.  Cafe con leche are very typical in Spain and Latin America.

However, what do you do when your tolerance for dairy products is not great and you still want to enjoy a cafe con leche? Well, many places that serve this beverage also have almond milk, soy milk, or other dairy substitutes to offer as an alternative.  One of the most amazing tasting coffee accompaniments, that rivals the highest quality milk, is soy milk.  You can easily ask for a cafe con leche with soy milk. The taste is absolutely amazing and it is super easy to request as a substitution from your barista. Typically a cafe con leche comes sweetened with sugar, but you can always request to add more or completely remove the addition of sugar all together.  The frothy goodness of a warm cup of coffee, with the addition of creamy, rich soy milk, is sure to not only give you a much needed caffeine boost, but also quench and milky and sweet craving that you have.   


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