How to Pack a Carry On For a Week


When booking a cheap flight, you sometimes forget that there might be an additional cost for the suitcase. So when you realize, you are too bitter to pay that money and you want to try to fit everything in your carry on. Don’t panic, it is actually possible.You just have to follow a series of tips and you’ll be fine. First of all, check the allowable size of carry-on bags with the airlines you chose to fly with.

Make sure that the carry on you intend to bring fits in these sizes. Then lay everything you would like to bring on your bed to be able to have the whole picture right in front of you. For those who overpack, this may not be for you, or it could be a fun challenge you could try out! Try and figure out what events or things you will be going to/doing. From that it would be easist to pick out a few things that you know you could wear more than just once. Packing light works best if you will be only gone for a few days and don’t need heavy clothes.

Choose your clothes wisely, think of different combinations with the same outfits and don’t forget that you can always do laundry at the hotel. Limit the pair of shoes: They take up space and they are heavy.

Use travel size bottles for shampoos, conditioner. Remember that some things such as razor cannot be carried so you’ll have to buy them once arrived at your destination or at the duty-free. Your carry on is ready.


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