How to Pack Efficiently for a Weekend Getaway


Weekend trips can be exciting, especially if you have a jam-packed itinerary. Still, with so much going on, you don’t want to overpack. After all, paying overweight fees or not having space for souvenirs are not situations you’ll want to deal with. Here are important tips to remember if you’re hoping to pack efficiently for your weekend getaway.

Not Too Many Toiletries

If you have lots of toiletries and beauty products that you enjoy using on a regular basis, then make sure to cut down on the volume you bring with you, especially for such a short trip. Pour any liquids into smaller bottles so as to cut down on any waste.

Ditch The Handbags

This doesn’t mean not taking any handbags, it simply means ditching extra handbags you don’t need. After all, handbags take up a lot of space so rather take one that works with a bunch of outfits.

Consider Shoes Carefully

Considering that you’ll be wearing shoes to the airport, make sure that they’re ones that you’ll be using a lot on the trip. Otherwise, avoid packing extra shoes that you’re not sure you’ll need.


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