How to See Disneyland in Only One Day


You are visiting Disneyland but you only have one day. You might feel a bit overwhelmed and think that you won’t be able to enjoy much in less 24 hours.

Don’t panic, we have the perfect plan for you. First of all, arrive early. Disneyland opens at 8 am and the sooner you’ll arrive the shorter the lines will be.

Buy your ticket beforehand and decide if you want to visit one park or multiple ones. Whatever you decide to do, take at least one hour out of your plane to sit for a proper meal: lunch or dinner. Otherwise, you’re gonna burn out of energy.

How to See Disneyland in Only One Day

The Fifth Rooftop, Restaurant & Bar

You need a break and some real food to give you strength. The park is fun but you have to walk a lot and you get tired without realizing. Another advisable thing is to do a happy hour.

Take one hour to get out of the park, sit in a bar close to it and relax.

How to See Disneyland in Only One Day

Parade Night In Disneyland

It has to be a fun day not a run to the attractions. Enjoy the day. Before thinking of going home early, remember that at night there’s a great parade.

You might want to see it, it’s a mix of characters from your childhood and a lot of nostalgia.

I would stay! Whatever choices you make, your day at Disneyland will be awesome and you’ll always feel like you didn’t have enough time to enjoy it!


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