How to Travel Across Japan for $21 a Day


If you want to travel in amazing places, but have a very low budget we might have the solution for you. You can travel in Japan for $21 a day.

How is that possible? The East Japan Railway company is offering a ticket package of unlimited rides on local trains for 2370 yen a day, which is about $21. The Seishun 18 ticket is good for five days of unlimited travel.

It is called the Youth 18 but it has nothing to do with your age! It’s good for all Japan Railway lines, including rapid buses. Watch out though: There are limited dates when you can use the tickets. This travel period ends on April 10, but there are other options.

If you are a group you should take advantage of the package to travel from Tokyo to Kokura. What are you waiting for? Get a flight ticket to Japan now!


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