How to Vacation in Spain On A Budget


Spain is a must-visit country, with beaches, cities, and national parks to please everyone. It famously offers fantastic food and hospitality for not much money, but if you’re really seeking to stretch your budget, read these tips before visiting Spain.

Book Travel In Advance

As in many countries, booking your train tickets in advance can really save you some dosh. It is possible to travel vast distances between major cities for less than fifty euros – check out options between Barcelona and Madrid, and Seville and Valencia. On some of these trains, even first-class tickets will cost significantly less than train travel in other countries, so you can treat yourself to some travel luxury while staying in budget!

Hit The Bars

Part of the bar and drinking culture in Spain involves bar snacks, and across the country, many of these drinking establishments will serve you fantastic (and quite filling) snacks for free, or just a few euros. If you go at around 5 pm, you can expect to be served nuts, chips, battered vegetables, warm chorizo, and even small platters of patatas bravas with your beer. If you eat enough bar snacks, you will save serious money on dinner, and get to sample little tastes of Spanish cuisine.

Stay Off Season

Visiting Spain even just a week before or after the high season can halve the price of your accommodation. Spanish people usually holiday for the entirety of August, so avoid this month if you can, and check the dates of other European school holidays to avoid hordes of crowds and higher prices. Consider May or late September, as in these months the weather is still generally good but you won’t get caught out by inflated prices.

It is relatively easy to see the best of Spain whilst staying within budget. Avoiding certain times of the year, enjoying the bar snacks and being savvy with rail travel can save hundreds of euros, all for little effort.


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