Huge New Island Pops Up In North Carolina, Just In Time For Summer


A huge new island has popped up off the coast of North Carolina. The so-called “Shelly Island” has grown from a small piece of sand to an island in the Outer Banks island group. Locals are cruising over everyday. Paul Paris, a research scientist at the University of North Carolina’s Coastal Studies Institute, has conducted a study on the Shelly Island.

According to Paris, the island’s appearance isn’t caused by climate change. The island has appeared due to currents and storms. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon. Pay a visit before it disappears again! In North Carolina, “we live on a very dynamic coastline, and it’s changing all the time,” Paris said. “Things like [Shelly Island] come and go offshore.

Whether it’s there next year or not is anybody’s guess.” It is amazing that the island has appeared right now, at the beginning of the summer season. So enjoy the new island while it lasts!


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