Ice Skating At This Roof Top Hotel In Budapest


Ice skating is a fun winter activity in itself, and it’s even better with a great view. On top of the Hotel President in Budapest, Hungary, visitors can enjoy one of the best views of Europe while skating on a custom-made ice rink on the terrace.

The route has a 360-degree view of Budapest’s main attractions, including the Parliament, the Royal Post Office Savings Bank (which has a distinctive and colorful tile roof), the Royal Palace and the dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica. The idea is reminiscent of the fall of the Montparnasse Tower, which was supposed to skate in the fall with a view of Paris. The ice rink in Budapest, which will open on 1 December, will be open until February. The opening hours are from 4 pm-to-8pm from Monday to Friday and from 2pm-to-8pm. The weekend is perfect to see the beautiful lights of the city of Budapest.

Hotel guests can skate for free, and the public can also purchase tickets for $3.71 and rent ice skates for $490 or $ 1.86. The ice skate rental kiosk also serves mulled wine, chestnuts, hot chocolate and beigli (Hungarian pasta stuffed with dough chestnut jam plum or poppy seeds) if you feel a little tired. And there are many tables and chairs around the track so you can continue to enjoy the view.

The route is limited so that only 20 people can enjoy the view at the same time. However, the 1,185 square meter track is made of synthetic ice, which is ideal for beginners.


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