If Summer Heat Is Too Much, These Cool Destinations Are For You


Summer means sunshine and beach days. But if sweltering heatwaves make you wish for cooler climates, don’t sweat it! Today, we’re exploring three refreshingly cool destinations, where lower temperatures and stunning scenery offer a perfect summer retreat.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s capital is famous for its mild summer, with temperatures rarely exceeding 60°F. In the summer, Reykjavik offers endless daylight, vibrant culture, and access to some of the country’s most breathtaking natural wonders like the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. It’s the perfect cool summer getaway.

Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche is a haven for those looking to cool down during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. Here, it’s winter, and with it comes the chance to ski, snowboard, and enjoy cozy nights by the fire. The town is also known for its Swiss-like architecture and delicious chocolate, making it a picturesque winter wonderland in July.

Norwegian Fjords, Norway

Explore the majestic Norwegian Fjords where the summer temperature hovers around a comfortable 65°F. You’ll find it easy to forget about the summer heat as you cruise through the dramatic landscapes of steep cliffs and deep blue waters. Hiking, fishing, and simply soaking in the natural beauty are perfect ways to spend your days in this stunning region.


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