If You Can’t Decide Where to Eat in a New City, We Have Some Tips


You’ve touched down in a new city and it’s time to explore. Historical sites and tourist attractions will most likely form part of your itinerary, but if you ask us, the most important element is where to eat! With so many choices and so little time, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most flavor for your tastebuds.

Go Local

No one knows the city better than the people who actually live in it. Strike up a conversation with someone and ask where are their best places to eat. It’s a brilliant way to discover hidden gems and holes in the wall. You can also ask taxi drivers, shopkeepers, and hotel staff for their recommendations.

Foodies at Your Fingertips

Social media is filled with foodies, just like you and I, who love to get lost in a city’s culinary scene. Spend some time scrolling through Instagram or look up a few food blogs related to the place you’re in. The  best thing is that they are often accompanied by photos, so you can eat with your eyes first. 

Trust Your Gut

You can take a million recommendations from people, but at the end of the day, your own stomach knows best. Take a stroll and see if the menu at a particular spot gets you excited, or the aroma from the kitchen makes your mouth start to water.


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