Indonesia Turns Slum Houses Into Amazing Rainbow Village


Kampung Pelangi is a small village in Indonesia. In the past years, it has transformed itself into a stunning location. It is now a place of bright colors and a sort of piece of art. It is amazing considering that this place used to be a slum in Central Java.

This whole makeover started when junior high school Principal Slamet Widodo, 52, realized his community really needed to be improved. So he suggested that the 390 houses of the area should be painted in bright colors. The government ended up supporting the initiative and it pledged over $22k for the transformation.

Since then, 232 homes in the area have been adorned with art. On top of that, residents have undertaken the cleaning of the river next to their houses. The new art and the cleaning operation rapidly increased the number of visitors. Today, this village is one of the must-see locations in Indonesia. Local food places and souvenirs stations have also opened to benefit the local economy.


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