Inspiring Woman Sells All of Her Things and Travels the World With Her Husband


Kim Dinan always lived a very ideal life. She lived in a nice city, was an owner of a home, and had a great job. So why is it that one day she decided to give that wonderful life up? Dinan explains that she always felt something in her life was missing.

From a young age, she wanted to pursue a career in writing but never ended up doing so. She felt that she has never truly followed any of her dreams- and she didn’t want to live like this any longer. 

From that moment on, Kim and her husband saved every penny that they made for three years and then sold all of their possessions. They decided to leave their comfort zone and travel with all the remainders of their lives packed up in a backpack.

Before they embarked on their journey, Kim and her husband wondered if they had “completely lost their minds.” Her mother even begged her to stay and use the money that they saved up to buy a bigger house, but that option was not in the cards for this unique couple.

Today, Kim and her husband travel all around the world and Kim has finally been able to pursue her dream of having a career in writing. They’ve traveled from the mountains in Nepal to the Canyons in Peru and truly feel like their dreams have come true. “Life is about adventure now,” says Kim, and she feels that she is “doing the world a favor.”


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