Instagram Star Aakanksha Monga Shares Her Tips For Budget-Friendly Travel


With one million followers under her belt, Aakanksha Monga is one of Instagram’s most popular travel bloggers. Just like most solo travelers, she sometimes struggles to keep her expenses in check, but she shared a few useful tips and tricks for budget-friendly travel with Outlook Traveler.

Hostel Stays

Hostels are the cheapest type of accommodation, and Monga is no stranger to staying in them. She prefers them to expensive hotels when she’s trying to cut down her costs.

Preparing Meals

Instead of constantly eating out, Monga always tries to book a hostel or an Airbnb with a kitchen so she can save some money by preparing her own meals.

Shopping Locally

Monga tries to avoid shopping from big brands and expensive stores while traveling, opting to go to local and vintage stores instead. In addition to saving money, this is a great way to collect some unique trinkets from each place you visit.

Public Transportation

Monga swears by public transportation, and she recommends using it whenever possible because it’s cheaper and more sustainable than taking a lot of flights or traveling by taxi.

Walking & Biking

Walking and biking are a great way to discover a new city to the fullest, and they also happen to be an amazing money saver, according to Monga.


Nikoleta P
Nikoleta P
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