This Guy Just Went Viral With The Most Amazing Trick You’ll See


For most of us, a Rubik’s Cube is unsolvable. Even if we sit at it for hours. There are a few intelligent ones out there that can solve it, even with record time. But I have never seen anyone solve a Rubik’s Cube like this….


This guy has taken things to a whole new level. Check out how he solves not one, but three Rubik’s Cubes, in under 30 secs while… wait for it… while juggling. Yes. That’s right. He is not only solving three puzzles, simultaneously, he is also allowing the impact of unpredictability by throwing the cubes in the air.

The sceptics among us are convinced he has played the tape backwards or applied some other type of special effects. But I would just like to believe this guy is a genius on speed.


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