Italy Is Giving Away Old Castles For Free, Here’s How You Can Get One


We have all dreamed of having your own castle since the fairy tales we would read as kids. Well, Italy is giving away 103 run-down properties. The properties include villas, inns, and castles. Everything for free.

That means anyone could become the owner of these amazing locations. Now’s your chance to make your dreams come true. So what’s the catch? How can you get a free Italian castle? The country’s State Property Agency expects anyone who gets a free castle to commit to restoring it. The owner can decide to turn it into a hotel, spa, restaurant, or anything else but he needs to restore it first.

“The project will promote and support the development of the slow tourism sector,” Roberto Reggi from the State Property Agency said. “The goal is for private and public buildings which are no longer used to be transformed into facilities for tourists.” If you want to apply to get a free castle, the deadline is June 26, and if, however, your application is denied, don’t worry – Italy plans to give out 200 objects the same way within the next two years. So good luck!


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