It’s Never a Good Idea to Steal, Especially From Your Hotel Room


When you travel, whether it’s to a neighboring city for a work conference or for a luxury getaway vacation with a loved one, it is quite likely that you will pick up at least one souvenir at some point along your journey. For some, this souvenir is a piece of jewelry, a mug, a magnet, or even an extravagant piece of art created by a local artist.

For others, they can find their souvenir a little closer to home, or to their hotels, rather. Hotels expect that people will take home the unused toiletries provided in the bathrooms. Unfortunately, though, people have been known to take much more from their hotel rooms.

And, technically, this is a crime. For instance, hotels have reported people stealing pillows, artwork, mugs, coffee makers, and virtually any movable object that you could find in a hotel room.

Because of this, hotels have created extensive “no stay” lists that are shared throughout hotels and may make it difficult for some guests to make reservations at any other hotel because of this shared information.

When people decide to forgo shopping for their souvenirs at traditional shops and instead pick up items from their hotel rooms, hotels have a right to charge you with stealing.

In fact, one Nigerian woman, Bilikisu Dowodu, even spent three months in jail for stealing two towels from the Transcorp Hilton Abuja Hotel. And while events like this are pretty uncommon, it may just be best to steer clear of making your hotel room a convenient shopping spot.


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