Japanese Restuarant Employs Waiters With Dementia, And You Never Know What Youre Getting


Most would agree that it is very frustrating going to and ordering from a restaurant only for them to mess up order. The most frustrating situation for someone when eating at a restaurant is getting your order mixed up. Unexpectedly, there is a restaurant that exists that offers only that and is called The Restaurant of Order Mistakes. This interestingly different restaurant is located in Tokyo’s Toys district. Not really sure who would want to eat there but their reason for creating such an idea is absolutely astonishing.

The purpose of the restaurant when they had their trial from June 2 – June 4 was to hire staff who all have dementia and essentially get your order wrong. At first it may be weird but after experiencing giving your orders to this person you can get a better idea of what this person really goes through and how life can be extremely hard. Eventually, people can see that even though they may suffer with dementia they can still act as functioning members of society. The concept is not only a lesson, but, also lets you try something on the menu that maybe you would not have.

Mizuho Kudo, a food blogger has decided to visit The Restaurant of Order Mistakes and had an amazing time. Originally, she ordered a hamburger but instead received gyoza dumplings. Either way, her meal turned out to be delicious and she said the waiters were so joyful and full of smiles. Now, more pop-up events will be happening to commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day.


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