Locally-Owned Restaurants You Should Dine at in The United States


While traveling abroad can certainly be interesting, there is actually plenty about the United States that is worth exploring and appreciating. Aside from fast food, the US is home to a range of charming locally-owned restaurants. Here are some of those local gems that you should dine at in your next United States-based trip.

Tonys Beechurst Deli

Located in Whitestone, New York, this is the perfect place to come if you’re craving a juicy and meaty sandwich. This establishment is an authentic Italian deli filled with scrumptious sandwiches and desserts.

Ras Plant-Based

If you’re looking for appetizing meals without meat, then this vegan eatery is perfect for you. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Ras Plant Based is the ideal locally-owned vegan restaurant to visit if you’re looking for an authentic hip New York City vibe. What’s more, with its Ethiopian cuisine, you’re unlikely to find another restaurant like this one anywhere else.

Franky’s Deli Warehouse

If you ever find yourself enjoying the sun and sand in Miami, Florida, then a visit to Franky’s Deli Warehouse is certainly worth your while. There is a seemingly endless list of sandwiches to choose from, along with cheesecake, Tres Leches, and plenty of other sweet treats.


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