Man Convinces Restaurant in Thailand That Hes Tom Cruise


Being a celebrity can be hard. Paparazzi following you, everyone wanting to get something from your private life, complete absence of privacy. However, celebrities get special treatment from their fans all around the world and for us, normal people, could be very fun to experience this kind of treatment for once. For this reason, there is more and more people who pretend to be a celebrity in a foreign country just to grab a little bit of spotlight.

That’s exactly what happened in Thailand. This guy literally convinced the restaurant to be Tom Cruise even if he doesn’t look like him at all!

He got away with it and achieved celebrity status that will live on in the walls of this restaurant forever! Now on the walls of this restaurant there is a poster of the owner proudly giving a thumbs up alongside the movie star Tom Cruise. Except it’s not him at all! It was a little mean to convince the owner to be a celebrity and take advantage of it. We hope at least he got some free food out of if!


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