Man Creates Pop Up Hotel


So, typically, when you hear the term “sleeping around”, it doesn’t have the most positive connotation to it. However, one Norwegian entrepreneur, is actively changing that term from being one of shame and slightly derogatory, to being one of adventure and innovation. Geoffrey Stampaert was inspired by the current trend of “pop-ups”.

The concept of pop up shops and moveable franchises and stores have become more and more popular in recent years. Food trucks, pop up jewelry trunk shows, vending machines with fancy coffee drinks, and even subway station pop ups that allow people to virtually buy wine have been popping up world wide. Literally. So, how is Geoffrey Stampaert using his inspiration to turn the term of “sleeping around” to something slightly more positive?

Well,  he has created a sort of pop up hotel. It includes seven refurbished shipping containers. Four of these containers are rooms and are located in a cluster with a kitchen, dining area and even a sauna. Because these are mobile containers, Stampaert is able to move them to travel the world and to a variety of cities, depending on where his users request for him to go.

This concept is extremely innovative and a really cool way to set up a travel business. If you are an adventurer who likes doing things slightly outside of the box, consider searching out Stampaert and staying in one of the containers for a night or two yourself.

Through this, Stampaert wanted to combine luxury, mobility, and comfort for his customers.


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