Man Finds Honeymoon Companion on eBay


Getting married is one of those momentous life events that you pray goes off without a hitch. From planning the venue to picking out the perfect dress to tasting the menu to inviting all of your extended family members, the list of things necessary to plan a perfect wedding seem to be never-ending. However, typically, once the big day come, you are overcome with excitement and joy. And best of all, after the stress of the wedding planning is over, you get to relax and refresh on your honeymoon trip. However, for one man, his honeymoon trip did not go as planned.

This here is the strange story of John Whitbread’s honeymoon. John was in what he thought was a loving relationship with his then fiance, Amy. However, with only 6 weeks until the wedding, Amy suddenly broke things off with John, leaving him confused and heartbroken. To make things worse, when he tried to get his money back for the honeymoon trip, he discovered that he would not be refunded in full. So, naturally, he decided that the trip was not worth a waste. So, he and his friend Craig came up with quite a unique plan. He decided to auction off the other ticket on eBay and take the highest bidder with him on the trip.

Surprisingly, the highest offer was $11,000. John, however, didn’t keep the money for himself and instead, donated all but $1400 to a testicular cancer fund. However, the primary winner was unable to come up with the money and so he changed his strategy and created a raffle. The winner of the raffle was Kelly Woods. The two met for the first time at the airport and shortly after, caught their honeymoon flight to the Dominican Republic.


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