Man Uses Tinder To Travel For Free


Someone with the Tinder App is expected to probably have met a few of his previous dates from the social media dating site. Tinder has also been used in conjunction with a decent amount of social experiments or even by someone looking to sell their lamp through the app. However, Anthony Botta is a 25-year-old from Belgium who used Tinder in a very creative and cost-effective way.

Botta used the dating app to meet 21 different women, all while he was traveling across 20 different cities. He calls his way of traveling “Tinder Surfing”. Botta took a two-month long road trip across Europe and visited many places. Some of the cities he visited were in the countries Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Whenever he would match with a lady on Tinder, he would send them the line, “ You are my first match in the city.” Then, after the women would respond, he would send them a link to a trailer on YouTube that he made about his quest with the line “wanna be my host?”.

Man Uses Tinder To Travel For Free

As expected, most women didn’t accept his offer to be his host and wished him the best of luck on his journey. According to Botta, he was able to find a woman to host him in every city, except for Vienna. Looks didn’t really play a major factor in his right- swiping process, either.

He confessed that the women didn’t have to look like supermodels for them to host him. His favorite experience was in the German city of Koln, where his host had her own swimming pool, jacuzzi, and even home gym. His future plans include taking a “Tinder-Surfing” trip to New Zealand in the near future.


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