A Guide to Mexico City for Taco Lovers


Mexican food and culture is very popular around the world- and for good reason too. Their flavors and dishes are so distinct that anyone would know what their food is. The Curious Mexican food blogger, taco enthusiast and food tour guide who resides in Mexico City, Anais Martinez, has the following advice for novice taco-eating tourists.

What Makes a Taco Perfect

For Martinez, who has had plenty of tasty tacos in her lifetime, it’s all about a balance of the following three ingredients: a good salsa, good fillings and a good tortilla.

The Tastiest Taco

She says she had the most amazing fish tacos in Ensenada

Where She Goes

What are the taco spots she usually frequents in Mexico City?

  1. Vilsito
  2. Los Parados
  3. Mercado la Merced
  4. El Hidalguense
  5. La Laguilla market stand

Taco Advice Everyone Should Know

According to Martinez, many people usually make a mess when eating tacos because they are doing it wrong. She says one must not tilt the taco when eating it. Instead, they should tilt their head to keep all the juices in.

How To Pick The Best Taco Stand and Salsa

When it comes to picking a taco stand, she says the bigger the stand, the better. When you spot a stand that is big, you will be in for a delicious taco, so head on there.

On salsa, she said that since salsas are extremely hot in Mexico, you must first place a few drops on your taco and gradually increase from there – you won’t enjoy the taco if the salsa makes it too hot.


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