Mountains, Rivers, Wonderful Hotels And Some Celeb


Sure Aspen is well known for being the top winter vacation destination, but if you are into outdoor activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding or even rowing – Aspen is your place. But you won’t be alone there, some well-known and highly appreciated celebs are also into the fresh air of the mountains. Aspen is home to not only incredible slopes and beautiful snow, but it is also a hot spot for celebrities to vacation to as well. some celebrites like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are known to frequently vacation there as well as have a vacation home there. Aspen is beautiful but it is not just known for it’s snow. In the springtime, it is also a fun place to go hiking.


Especially if you’re an outdoor type of person that likes luxury hotels and pampering spa treatments. You can enjoy various activities during your day, beginning with great slope skiing in the winter and horseback scenery tours in the hot months, go back in the afternoon to the hotel’s bar to enjoy an afternoon drink and then relax in an evening of Swedish massage at the hotel’s spa. After eating an incredible hunter’s dinner in the hotel restaurant retire to your huge rustic room with window to one of nature’s best view.

Some people will say it sounds too much like Kubrick’s The Shining, well then you won’t be surprised to find that Jack Nicholson is a regular here. You will most likely see Michael Douglas, Kurt Russell, Heidi Klum and Demi Moore here too.


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