Munich is a Must



When traveling through Europe, Germany is a popular stop for those who love beer, culture, and beautiful scenery. When deciding on which cities to visit in Germany, most people automatically choose to visit Berlin, the country’s capital. However, Munich is also a popular travel destination that should not be forgotten about. Munich is known for hosting Germany’s Oktoberfest event, which draws huge, beer loving crowds from all over the world to attend. Oktoberfest, while insanely fun, is not the only thing that Munich has to offer.

If you are planning your trip to Germany in a month other than October, here are a few reasons why visiting Munich will be worth your while. First of all, regardless of the time of year, Munich is a prime destination spot for beer lovers. Munich has the world’s largest beer garden where 8,000 drinkers can enjoy a brew or two.

It is also a cultural hub in itself, hosting over 80 museums. Along with the museum, the culture of Munich is expressed in the everyday local style. Lederhosen aren’t just worn in during Oktoberfest, but also inspire regular fashion trends that some locals like to rock on a normal basis. Munich is also the perfect balance of country and city, with an incredible city culture and nightlife scene, along with a stunningly beautiful green countryside and a bunch of public parks.

Including Munich on your tour of Europe or your trip will definitely be something that you won’t regret. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, great beer, and fun culture that makes Munich such a vibrant city.


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