Museum of Failure LA


Los Angeles has traditionally been known as being a city that is very focused on art, whether this is in the form of traditional artwork or other types of creative pursuits, such as acting. Now an interesting exhibition is set to open up in the city, which is being called the “Museum of Failures.” There is no other museum like this currently in Los Angeles and is the first of its kind as a whole in the United States.

There are more than one hundred types of posts found in this museum which is located in the Los Angeles A+D Architecture and Design Museum.

The Museum of Failure was originally created in Sweden and it is now set to come to the West Coast this coming December. The founder of it is Doctor Samuel West and this idea came about after he had been in the process of conducting research related to corporate innovation. Often times this type of innovation is not very innovative at all, so what better way than to turn it into a museum? 

Some of the collection times include the likes of the Donald Trump Monopoly game version, an Apple Newton, Google Glass and even the frozen lasagne which was created by Colgate. This is certainly a avey interesting concept, as society is often infatuated with failure.

Some people will accept failure and subsequently learn valuable lessons from it, while others will be held back and discouraged as a result of this exposure. This museum shines light on this concept.


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