Muslim Passenger Turned From Being a Terrorist to a Friend


Jiva Akbor a Manchester born Muslim posted on her Facebook a strange experience she had on a flight from Glasgow to Malaga.

After boarding and claiming her seat on the plane, a British mom and her kid set next to Akbor. Before takeoff Akbor sent a WassApp message to a friend writing in phonetic Arabic “may Allah make the day easy for you all!”. Immediately after writing the text, the mom left her sit and disappear only to reapers shortly accompany by two flight attendants. “I looked at her face and she was in sheer panic, clearly flustered” as Akbor describe in her post. The women stated that she saw Akbor writing the word “Allah” and therefore thought she was a terrorist, Akbor responded by saying in an honest and desperate voice “It just means God in Arabic”.


The woman was still very alerted and flushed but still set down in her sit. Akbor started a conversation with her, telling her she is just a girl on her way to a vacation which happened to be Muslim. As the conversation went own they discovered they has a lot in common making the mom feel very uncomfortable with her earlier statement. Akbor said the women couldn’t stop apologizing and paying for her drinks and even giving Akbor her favorite perfume as a gift.


They end up opening their hearts to each other as Akbor writes:


“I know today was special for us both and many lessons learnt on both sides. We hugged, exchanged numbers and will definitely keep in touch. I know not all similar situations are as peachy and ‘happily ever after’ for many, many Muslims in the world right now. But I have all the love in the world for Beverley and pray we can only basque in the beautiful moments shared today.”


Sometimes the most unexpected friendships can sparks with a bad start and continue with great love.


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