Napoleons Hidden Atlantic Island Finally Opened Up for Commercial Flights


About two centuries ago, Napoleon Bonaparte was transported to the famous island of St. Helena by a British warship for his exile – it was a place that he was bound to spend the rest of his life at as there were no escaping from there. 
Today, Napoleon would probably find it quite challenging to escape from the tiny volcanic island which is located right near the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. 

Up until 2016 the island didn’t really have an airport to rely on. With the heavy fanfare, though, and after a lot of setbacks, back in 2016, the island prepared to inaugurate its very first airport. However, there was something that got in the way without being expected one bit: the devastating South Atlantic winds. 

However, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft from the British Airways franchise in South Africa planned to land back in May 2016 but the serious winds posed issues which were rather challenging to overcome. 

Nevertheless, as time passed and pilots attempted to do so over and over again, we already have tickets which are open for sale in through the Embraer e190 Airliner in the South African carrier called SA Airlink. The first flight was designated to launch on the 21st of October. This is something particularly interesting and one that you’d have to keep in close consideration. There are certain operational restrictions which are to be kept a close eye on because of the tailwinds and it’s definitely a challenging landing to execute. 


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