Need A Mid-Day Nap to Recharge? This New Madrid Nap Bar Has Got You


As noon approaches in Spain, most businesses practice the tradition of closing for around an hour for their mid-day siesta, a short rest, and then reopening again. However, this has been tough to do for most lawyers, bankers and businessmen in Madrid’s business district. Now, a nap bar called Siesta & Go will help solve that issue. 

An hour nap costs a customer around $12, whereas if they are prepared to share a bunk bed the cost descends to around half that. Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza, the founder of Siesta & Go said: “It’s funny that we’re known for the siesta, but we haven’t been professional about it.” Siesta & Go have 19 beds and there’s no chance of oversleeping as they will wake you up when your allotted time has passed.


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