Be Careful of Nevada’s Moose Problem


What will be your reactions, when you find intruders in your surroundings? The residents of Nevada have now been receiving some unwelcomed guests, and the love affair between these two residents is a bit sour.

The state’s northern reaches appear to be home to a small but growing number of the gangly ungulates, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The increased number of sightings recommends moose are not just stay in the Silver State but they are putting down roots.

Kari Huebner, an NDOW biologist said during a television interview.  “It’s time we start talking about moose in Nevada, We’re starting to get enough sightings that we think we actually have a population here.”

According to the official of NDOW, they hope people will report sightings, which would help NDOW conclude how many moose there are in the stat.

Doucette said “It is really hard to count moose, they are often really in the thick willows, they are really in the thick alder, which is one of the reasons we are trying to get information from the public.”

Moose hunting is illegal in Nevada, which is another reason NDOW wants to alert the public is to stop hunters from killing them. 

NDOW wants to aware people that moose can be dangerous and that anyone who spot one in the wild should see it from a safe distance.

“They just get real aggressive, more so than the other wildlife we are used to in Nevada,” Huebner said.

She further added that cow moose with calves can be mostly dangerous.

“If anybody runs across a cow moose and she is in the trail, you probably better step aside and let her go by,” she said.


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