New Project Will Let You View the Sistine Chapel as Never Before


Have you ever wanted the chance to see the sistine chapel but don’t have the funds to travel there? Well thanks to the advancement of technology that can all change. Well, now with the invention and help of a new digital photo project, you’ll be able to look at the Sistine Chapel like you have never seen it. This multimedia project has captured every small detail of the building. It is almost as if you are actually inside the chapel!

It was such an intense project that it needed the participation of many photographers who took 270,000 photos. The project went on for 5 years, capturing everything from the amazing frescoes of Michelangelo including the gorgeous mosaic floor.

Photographers used a 10 meter high portable scaffold and special lens to capture all the details of the images. Today the photos are stored in a server of the Vatican.

The photos have been saved also as three volumes, 870 pages. Today, there are only 1,999 copies and it is marketed to libraries and collectors.

This set costs $12,700 and it is a joint production of the Vatican Museum and an Italian art publisher called Italy’s Scripta Maneant. “In the future, this will allow us to know the state of every centimeter of the chapel as it is today, in 2017,” Antonio Paolucci, former head of the Vatican museums, told to Reuters. The last time the Sistine Chapel was fully photographed was in 1980 and 1994 during a project for its restoration.


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