Now is Your Time to Fly With British Airways


While you may be used to flying with U.S.-based airlines due to where you live, the time may have arrived to give British Airways a chance. Here’s what you need to know about the new British Airways deal that makes traveling abroad appealing.

Status Match

A member of the Oneworld Alliance, British Airways is offering a limited-time status match with airlines that are not even part of this alliance, including Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Air Canada, including several European partners. Passengers who apply for the offer will be able to receive a status with British Airways for six months, which will be extended to a full year upon the purchase of two qualifying flights.

How the Conversion Works

Those who hold gold status with Delta will receive British Airways Silver status, while those on Delta Platinum status will become British Airways Gold members. This same process applies to United Airlines, with United Airlines Premier Gold members receiving silver status while Premier Platinum and Premier 1k members will be shifted to gold.

Not the Only Way

For those frequent flyers who don’t happen to be members of loyalty programs to airlines to whom the special applies, there are many other deals being offered by British Airways as part of its spring sale. From London to Madrid, India, and more, there’s bound to be a destination up your alley where you can enjoy your next vacation.


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